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Yes Shoe North is technically a cleat business, but we want to provide our customers with information about the sport we love. Whether you are new to the game, a seasoned veteran, or a parent whose child has taken to the sport, Shoe North can guide you to individuals who are as passionate about ultimate as we are!

If you want to see some amazing ultimate highlights click here! NKolakovic makes some amazing videos highlighting what makes our sport unique. 

If your goal is to get better as a player or coach look no further! Mario O'Brien makes interesting educational videos that break down certain aspects of ultimate. Learn what to look for as a coach holding tryouts, or a new player trying to learn how to throw a flick.

Stay updated with what is going on in the world of ultimate look no further! Ultiworld and Skyd produce articles that are interesting, thought-provoking, and informative. Peruse each of their websites and learn about what is going on with the game you love!